Our Team & Our Commitment

iPatient inTouch, Inc. Clinical Nurse Leader Rounding program will tailor our rounding program to meet your nursing department expectations. Nurse Leader Rounding - a very effective activity for improving patient satisfaction, quality and safety, and can positively impact HCAHPS scores!  Our team will work with your nurse leaders to select the rounding questions for each nursing department and sign up the users for the program.  All custom for your hospital!  Setup usually takes 1 day!

Enhance your current rounding

Clinical nurse leader rounding is already taking place in all hospitals today.  Our iPatient inTouch rounding program is a proven and effective tool for your nurse leader to utlize for Clinical Nurse Leader Rounding.


  • Efficient
  • Improves workflow anticipation
  • Reduction in call light usage
  • Reduction in pressure ulcers
  • Reduction in bed falls
  • Being proactive rather than reactive
  • Improved Accountability
  • Improved data collection

Possible Outcomes

First and foremost, our program helps your nurse leader with an efficient program for daily bedside rounding activities.  Typical daily rounding activity for a nurse station of 20-25 patients could take 100-150 mins - daily!  For this reason, your nurse leader will need to depend on a proven & effective rounding tool.