By clicking one-button the Nurse Leader can now send an alert to any hospital department during Rounding - instantly - per patient - per room number.

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Nurse Rounding Tool

Nurse Rounding Features

Patient's nurse can Instant Email or Instant Text the patient alert concern to any hospital designated staff for assisting in service recovery

Realtime Dashboard showing unresolved and resolved alerts in time sensitive color code.

ASNA 2019

Realtime Dashboard

Instant Email or Instant Text

1min  44secs

1min  16secs

1min  35secs

55 secs

1min 20secs

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Simultaneous Alerts Feature

With the one-button alert, simultaneously the following entities will also be alerted:

                      - Patient's Nurse

                     - The Nurse Station Realtime Dashboard

                     - Nursing Supervisor






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