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iPatient in Touch for Leadership & Hourly Rounding

Use our iPatient inTouch Rounding program using any iPad or iPod for Leadership Rounding and Hourly Rounding

How does it work

iPatient inTouch, Inc. has developed a rounding program for both leadership nurse rounding and hourly rounding using the iPad mini, iPod, or any type of tablet/smartphone/computer.

The following videoclip will demonstrate our iPatient inTouch rounding program in more detail.

Click picture for a 2 min demo using the iPod during rounding

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The iPatient inTouch 4Ps Rounding solution enables the nurse to do hourly rounding with an iPad.  Within a couple of minutes, the nurse can round the 4Ps and make any significant notations by using voice dictation. The nurse can dictate his/her findings in realtime - at the bedside!


The iPatient inTouch 4Ps rounding program is a custom design program for your hospital - all of the questions are your questions!  The nurse will be better organized and thru the power of the iPad, the nurse can have immediate reports that can either be printed and/or pdf'd.


Hourly Rounding


Facts:  Will save nursing staff nursing hours per week.  This nursing time that is saved can be directed to other nursing tasks and direct patient care. 


Nurses report the following:

1.  Fewer interruptions

2.  More time to complete other tasks (like charting and patient education)


By focusing on the patient's (1) comfort, (2) safety, and (3) environmental needs a nurse can be able to prevent:

- falls

-pressure ulcers

-unrelieved pain

-increase patient satisfaction and nursing care


A direct effect with hourly rounding is the ability to organize your work flow, thus nurses will have more time to anticipate the patient's needs.


Some hospitals have reported a 50% fewer falls which translates to hospitals cost savings of $150k during 1 month period (from Research Matic (http://www.researchomatic.com/Hourly-Rounding-11623.html)



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This graph shows a direct correlation with rounding and reducing call lights.  The Studer Group has reported that nurses are called into each patient room 12 to 15 times daily for assisting the patient with toileting, positioning, pain medication, etc. 
Simulation 2 minute videoclip